About the website

The compliance4u.cz website was established for the purpose of raising awareness and providing information to businesses and the general public about the current trends in a relatively new but increasingly important subject referred to as corporate compliance (read more in the “Compliance” section).

About the operator

The operator of the compliance4u.cz website is BURCOM s.r.o., a company that provides comprehensive advisory services and solutions related to corporate compliance.

The knowledge of BURCOM s.r.o. is based on the many years of practical experience with corporate compliance matters gained by its founder and managing director in various senior management positions in a major multinational organisation, both in the Czech Republic and abroad (in the UK and Germany). Thanks to this real experience with implementation of a compliance programme in the environment of a large international corporation, we have a clear impression of what specific steps are necessary for successful realisation and which steps we should avoid. We consider this fact to be our greatest competitive advantage.

Our vision

Through activities in the field of corporate compliance, we would like to contribute to the creation of advanced corporate culture in the Czech Republic based on the principle that one of the fundamental prerequisites for long-term sustainable and successful business activities is respect for legislation and ethical standards and compliance with them. We would also like to profile ourselves as specialists in corporate compliance matters and we would like to be one of the most sought-after business partners for this area.